San Diego’s Ultimate Glam Bot Experience


Glamour Meets Innovation in San Diego! Unleash your inner celebrity with our state-of-the-art Glam Cam experience.

Glam Bot is an advanced robotic camera system designed to capture your most glamorous moments in high-definition, slow-motion video. As you strike a pose, our Glambot swiftly moves around you, recording stunning footage from multiple angles. With professional lighting and seamless editing, your Glam Cam video will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere!

GLAM BOT Features

Glam Bot used on May 4th event at USD
Robotic Arm

A high speed robotic camera arm powers The Glambot for fast action camera movements.

High Speed Camera

A high speed camera to slow the motion for high quality cinematic glamorous footage.

Studio Lights

Studio lighting that makes your high-speed videos look amazing and crystal clear.

Glam Director

Onsite director to call the shots so your guests can focus on their best moves.

Glam Cam Presets

A wide range of presets and multiple joints to create dynamic and cinematic-looking shots.

Branded Glam Shots

Branded hollywood quality videos ready to be shared under 60 seconds.

Elevate Your Event

This innovative technology creates an interactive, unforgettable experience for your attendees, making your event the talk of the town.

The Glam Bot, a cutting-edge robotic camera system, is the perfect choice for high-end client activations due to its ability to capture glamorous, high-definition slow-motion videos that make your guests feel like celebrities.

Glam Bot Experience

Experience Luxury with Glam Bot: Customized Pricing Based on Your Event’s Unique Needs and Availability.

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