Glam Filters Photo Booth

Glam filer options

A glam photo booth is a popular type of photo booth that is designed to make people look their best. It is often used at events such as weddings, proms, and corporate parties, where people want to capture high-quality photos of themselves and their friends or colleagues. One of the popular features of a glam photo booth is the use of filters and effects to enhance the appearance of the photos it produces.

Magical Filters

Filters can be applied to photos taken in a glam photo booth, to enhance their appearance and create a unique, custom look. The use of these filters can add an extra level of creativity and personality to the photos, making them stand out and be more memorable.

Black & White Glam Filter

One such popular filter is the glam white and black filter. This filter is a modification of the traditional black and white filter, but with added enhancements to make the photo look more glamorous. When a person takes a photo in a glam photo booth with the white and black filter, the resulting image is usually processed by specialized software that applies various modifications to enhance the appearance of the photo.

using glam filter on the photo booth


The Gotham Filter

The Gotham filter is a popular filter that gives photos a dark and moody feel. It emphasizes the shadows and dark tones in the image, while adding a blueish tint to the overall photo. This filter is perfect for creating a dramatic, edgy look in photos.

Gotham glam filter used in a photo booth

The Nashville Filter

The Nashville filter is a filter that is designed to give photos a warm and vintage feel. It adds a yellowish tint to the image, as well as desaturating the colors in the photo. This filter is perfect for creating a retro or nostalgic look in photos.

Nashville glam filter used in a photo booth event

The Lord Kelvin Filter

The Lord Kelvin filter is a filter that gives photos a bold and colorful look. It adds a reddish-purple tint to the image, while enhancing the contrast and saturation. This filter is perfect for creating a bold, high-impact look in photos.

Lord Kelvin Glam filter

Experience the Photo Booth Fun

Glam photo booths bring a fun and exciting experience to any special event. The booths provide guests with a chance to take creative and fun photos that they can share with friends and family. Additionally, the friendly attendant helps guests to get the most out of the photo booth experience. And, with the selection of props and backdrops, guests can take photos that will be remembered for years to come.

In summary, a glam photo booth is a great way to capture high-quality, professional-looking photos at events. By using filters such as the glam white and black filter, Gotham filter, Nashville filter, and Lord Kelvin filter, these photo booths can create a wide range of unique and creative looks, to suit any style or mood. Whether you want to create a classic, timeless look, a dramatic and edgy feel, or a warm and nostalgic vibe, a glam photo booth can help you achieve the perfect look for your photos.

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